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The Power Of Water

Because our bodies and the Earth itself are made up of around 75% water, it should be easy to understand the incredible power that water has. If you think about it, you have probably also always been told about the amazing power that words can have when it comes from everything to everyday life to healing measures. So, when you have two things with such unbelievable power such as water and words, it should only be natural that you would think that the two would have some sort of link. There have been many interesting studies that have shown that variations in words can have a different impact on water.

For years it has been very well known that water is a huge factor when it comes to overall health and well-being. As humans, we need water for survival as well as a method of healing in so many cultures. The chances are very good that you or somebody that you know has been prescribed water therapy in the form of swimming or even massage depending on the health concern that is being addressed. However, some of the most compelling experiments have actually now been able to show that the water that we know of can actually form hidden messages that we can learn a great deal from.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a powerful Japanese healer and researcher, is well known for performing studies on the impact of water in terms of the overall health and the improvement of health in humans. Over time, there have been experiments with astounding results showing how thoughts can actually have an impact on the crystalline structure of water that has been frozen. So, basically speaking, positive or negative thoughts can actually change the way that water freezes. If that is not amazing enough, there are even further studies that show just how much of an impact water has on every single aspect of life, from your thoughts to the inner workings of your body itself.

When you think about water and sound, water has the amazing ability to receive and transmit an extremely wide range of frequencies. When you introduce various sounds to water such as music, negative sounds or even spoken words, the crystal structure of the ice as it freezes will vary depending on the sound that is introduced. Dr. Emoto even went on to find that even pictures and words that have been written will show a different outcome on water. The studies go on to show that these various frequencies can translate into how the water reflects the universe surrounding us as well.

Findings over the course of various experiments began to show that beautiful patterns would form in freezing water that was introduced to beautiful sounds. Clear, tranquil springs that were paired with loving words would actually produce breathtaking snowflake patterns as the crystalline structures formed. On the other end of the study, water that had been polluted and addressed with negative thoughts and words would result in odd, asymmetrical patterns with a lack of color and brilliance. Dr. Emoto started to link our surroundings to the way that we can live and heal, as shown through the results he found through his water experiments.

As humans, we already know that positive thinking can lead to good things. Many people will say that positive thoughts can help them through everything from trying times to illness that causes them pain and distress. People who tend to have negativity around them all of the time, whether it comes from general surroundings or the people they are acquainted with, end up feeling unhealthy, depressed or even less motivated to go on with the daily processes of life. The simple introduction of positive words and thinking to people who have been feeling negativity can show a dramatic change in not only how they feel mentally, but physically as well.

Water is certainly something we cannot live without, but the studies coming from Dr. Emoto and people with like-minded beliefs are now telling us that we can learn more than ever from it. Once water in his experiments were treated with compounds such as aromatic oils, the crystals that formed during freezing would actually resemble beautiful flowers that had a striking resemblance to the flowers or plants that the oils themselves were made from. Even further studies began to show that water taken from the tap and then prayed over would have a change in appearance compared to water from the original source. The thoughts of purity and prayers the prayers put forth onto the water produced incredible patterns.

If you sit and think about how certain words can have an impact on you feel, the impact on the crystalline forms within freezing ice are the same. Water from the same source that is introduced to different vibrations through words from either end of the spectrum reacts differently as it freezes. Negative words have been shown to hinder the form of beautiful crystalline structures that have been proven to form where kind words of love have been introduced. Imagine that power being translated into our ability to heal and use the power of water to increase our health and overall well-being.

Further studies are now underway to see how the bacteria that we come into contact with on a daily basis can be persuaded either way to form good or bad bacteria depending on the impression put upon it. If the world had the opportunity to impart positive thinking at the same time, the results could be tremendous. Since water is a vehicle for so many things that we are in contact with each and every day, it could be the perfect way to help us understand how it can better health the sick and depressed. The power of water is clear, it is simply a matter of using water in various ways to heal and promote good feelings as a whole.

No matter what you believe the power of water to be, the studies that have been conducted do show without a shadow of a doubt that the formation of crystals in frozen water are a direct result of what the water was subjected to. When you think of water on a broader scale in terms of how much it impacts your daily life, it is clear that positive words and thought directed at water can have a direct impact on all of us as human beings. The more we are able to work with healing through water, the closer we will be to finding more ways to heal and live a happier, healthier lifestyle.








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